Meet Aimee

Creative Montage is a graphic, digital and print design company based out of Lenexa, Kansas, serving clients worldwide. While my focus has primarily been custom designed wedding paper goods, I've been known to dabble in brand development, too. I keep my client base small and only take on a few clients each month, so that I can get to know the needs of each individual.

Ever since I was little, I wanted to own my own business. The thought of creating a business from scratch and making it flourish, seemed so appealing to me. I watched my mom and her best friend create a jewelry company when I was younger and loved that they were their own bosses. They not only had the opportunity to wear the "designer" hat but they also had an opportunity to be businesswomen doing everything from accounting, to packaging, to material sourcing to marketing. I wanted that. I didn't know then what "that" was, but it was always floating in the back of my mind.

While I was planning my own wedding in 2004, I was amazed at how little personality there was in the paper good world. Everything out there looked the same. There were only a few places to buy invitations and those places offered no real unique designs and there was no opportunity for happy couples to customize much in terms of the designs. I began noticing that other brides felt the same way. With a B.S. degree in printed textile design, I already had a strong design background that was not being utilized. I started to teach myself how to use all of the necessary design programs and began creating invitation designs that reflected my own style for my own wedding. Soon, brides were coming to me from all over, asking for help in designing something that felt special and was unique to only them. I happily obliged and started adding a whole range of design options to appease brides of every budget.

Connecticut born and raised, I have had the chance to live on both coasts and some places in between. In 2005, I married my best friend and we quickly left the sunny shores of San Diego and landed in Lenexa, Kansas. Instead of pursuing a new line of work in a new location, I made the decision to leave that world behind and instead opted to make designing pretty things my life's ambition. Two kids, two chunky cats and a Bernedoodle pup later, I'm happily basking in being an entrepreneur and feel blessed that it fell into my lap the way that it did.  I guess you could say, its my childhood dream come true!

There are big things in the works here at Creative Montage. I hope you keep checking back to see what's new in our little creative world and hope that you find something inspiring along the way.