Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top 5 Wedding Invitation Mistakes {and how to avoid them}

Wedding invites are one of the most important pieces of "paper" that you will purchase in your lifetime.   Here are some common mistakes and how you can avoid them...

Wedding invites are one of the most important pieces of "paper" that you will purchase in your lifetime.   Here are some common mistakes and how you can avoid them...

1.  Not allowing enough time to order and send out your invites
Plan ahead!  If you are ordering custom designed invitations, allow yourself and your designer enough time to create something perfect.  Not only will you be giving yourself time to mail your invitations out, you will also avoid costly rush fees for designing, printing and shipping!

Invites typically go out 8-10 weeks before the big day {if you are having a destination wedding, add a few more weeks}.  If you are having someone custom design your invitations for you, they may need up to 6 weeks to complete your project.  Having a clear timeline ready for your stationer will ensure that everything arrives in a timely fashion to you and your guests.

2.  Including registry information on your invites {or any invite inclusions}
This one happens a lot and it is definitely a major etiquette no-no!  Never include your registry information on your invitations or any other printed pieces included in your invites.  This is considered soliciting for a gift from your guests and you don't want to offend anyone invited to your special day.

Save the registry information for your wedding website {there are tons of free website options out there} or your bridal shower invitations.  If you don't want to start a website and you aren't having a shower, word of mouth is a perfectly acceptable way to get the registry information to your guests.  If people aren't sure, they will ask!

3.  Not weighing your invitation at the post office BEFORE buying stamps
It would be pretty disappointing to send out your pretty invitations only to have them all returned {mangled and torn, no less} for insufficient postage.  This is a critical step if you plan to use pretty mismatched vintage stamps to adorn your invitation envelopes or if you have your envelopes gorgeously handwritten by a calligrapher.

Bring a sample invitation with all of the trimmings, to your local post office.  Ask them to weigh the invitation for you so that you know ahead of time how much each costs to mail.  Make sure you take into account additional costs for mailing square invitations or ones that are extra bulky.  And don't forget to buy stamps for your RSVP cards!

4.  Not coordinating your paper goods to the rest of your day
Some couples don't place a lot of importance on the paper goods for the big day so they choose whatever is the cheapest/easiest and don't give it a lot of thought.  You probably spent a ton of time planning every last detail of your wedding day, only to miss a golden opportunity to clue your guests in to the special details that are going to make your day different from every other wedding they've attended.

Make sure that the feel of your wedding day is reflected in your invitations.  It doesn't have to be expensive to use a custom stationer and a stationer will make sure that your vision is reflected in your invites.  Sharing a Pinterest board is a great way to convey the overall look and feel of your wedding and a custom stationer will take your ideas and concepts and translate it into your designs.  Worried about the cost of having someone design your invites?  Save some money and have the designs created by a stationer but print them on your own!

5.  Not proofreading your invitations BEFORE they are printed
You spent time {or hired someone} to create a unique set of invitations for your special day only to print them off and realize that you spelled something incorrectly or you missed some important detail altogether. It is critical to proofread every single word prior to printing.  Send your proof to a few people to review so that you are certain nothing has been missed.  If you skip this step or don't take the time to make sure everything is correct, you could end up sending bad information to your guests.

If the error is a minor one, like punctuation or a misspelling of someone's name, don't panic!  If you have time to have things reprinted, while it could get expensive, it might just give you some piece of mind so that you can focus on the rest of your planning.  Even if the error is a major one, like the wrong ceremony time or wrong reception address, you don't necessarily have to reprint the affected pieces.  You can take the time to call or email your guests or if that seems too time consuming, use Facebook or your wedding website to notify your guests of the time or address change.