Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pin It Tuesday: Top 5 Most Pinned Creative Montage Inspiration Boards

We can't believe how many of you have pinned our inspiration boards!  Its flattering, really, to think that you are really finding some pretty inspiration for your big day, or your special event or your home decor!  We decided to take a peek to see what boards were really catching your eye...

Cozy, winter, glam
We still love the moodiness of this board and its chic industrial vibe.

strawberry, strawberries, gingham, red, baby blue, summer
This one surprised us a little bit since its pretty themed but we think its such a fun yet clean palette perfect for a summer wedding.

Bold purple and splashes of lime green
This board is just so vibrant...its kinda' hard NOT to be drawn to it.

Lovely holiday board full of gorgeous plaid details
Maybe its the stunning red plaid, or the overall classic retro vibe but this board has been pinned a ton!

A soothing spring palette chock full of delicate springtime details makes this board our second most pinned board!

....and the most pinned inspiration board is?????

Pretty lavender and shimmering gold details
We have a confession:  This is one of our favorite boards that we have ever created.  From the pretty lavender floral details to the stunning lavender bracelet and shoes, it just screams subtle elegance.  Its nice to see that you guys love it as much as we do!

So we want to know:  Have you taken one of our boards and translated it into your wedding day or special event inspiration?  Do you have a favorite from our Top 5 countdown?