Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Brittney!

Hi all!  Such long gaps in between posts, my apologies!  Etsy has changed the way searching works which means I have been busy revamping listings and descriptions and such so that I can at least show up in the first few pages of results, as opposed to the last pages....tons and tons of work my friends!

Anywho, I did manage to create and release a new design for sale in the shop!  Meet Brittney!

For some time now, I've been toying with creating some more "themed" invite designs and I had been playing with this design in my head for months.  I based to concept off of this board...

I also revamped the way I handle sample sales in my shop, too.  Starting today, you can now purchase a sample pack which includes 2 random invites, a printed swatch sheet and one extra element, like a menu card or table number.  Of course you are free to make note of which samples you would like to view, and we will do our best to accommodate, but its not a guarantee of what samples you will receive.

It just made good financial sense to dole out samples at random when someone purchases the sample pack listing from my shop.  This helps me dwindle down my inventory of things that I have had for a while.

I have some other invite designs that I'm working on to be added to the shop so stay tuned!!

Have a super Tuesday!

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