Monday, July 16, 2012

Odds n' Ends Monday

Its been a looong few weeks.  My apologies for the complete lack of posting.  An unreal heatwave, a semi-broken A/C, several house guests, 2 large events at my home within 3 days of each other and the demands of a 6 month old, 5 year old and 13 year old, have taken their toll.  I honestly felt like my brain was oozing out the side of my head at times...but I'm back!!  It make take some time to get back into a regular swing with blogging so please be patient!

Anywho...onto some lovliness from last week, huh?

Stunning location photographed by Jonathan Young Weddings via One Lovely Day

Love the sequin detail on the bouquet, very classy...photographed by Taylor Lord Photography via Style Me Pretty

What were some eye-catching things for you last week?  I'm dying to hear!!!!

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