Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gavin’s Birth Announcement and a VOTE!

Ok guys…this is harder for me than I thought.  I created 2 options for Gavin’s birth announcement {better late then never right?} but I can’t decide which I like better….so I’m leaving it up to you!!   There is a poll at the end of this post, so please be sure to click on it and VOTE!!  My sanity depends on it!!


Option #1



Option #2

{Photo by the talented Adrienne Maples}

To take our poll, click on the following link!


Libby said...

Yikes, that is tough. Both are perfect. I'm leaning towards number 1!!!

What a little cutie Gavin is!

AEG said...

I like the second one because "Leo" looks like "Lea" in the first. and it looks like you left off Alyssa's name in the first one.

Creative Montage said...

Good call AEG! I did leave off Alyssa's name in the first design. She is my 12 year old step daughter {who doesn't live with us} and In debated about adding her on there or not...guess I thought better of it when I got to the 2nd design. But I did go back and add her name to the first design...thanks for catching that!!