Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow the Wife: The One Wedding Plan I'd Change

I have no regrets about any decisions we made about our wedding. We selected some of the most talented vendors in the area and I absolutely love how our day turned out. There is only one thing I would change—not hiring a videographer. Keith and I never even thought about doing this. In fact, we never discussed the idea. I was pretty stubborn about not wanting one, and Keith was happy to see at least one small place where we could save a few bucks.

The reason why I didn’t want a videographer is that I don’t like seeing myself on film. I don’t even like to leave people voicemails because my recorded voice makes me cringe. (A little harsh? Maybe. But don’t you agree that hearing your own voice is always surprising? Do I really sound like that?!) I was also adamantly against ever sitting my children down to watch our wedding video years from now. Don’t ask me where this aversion came from—I was simply exercising pure stubbornness.

Flash forward to after our wedding, when all my friends starting posting their own wedding videos and I finally saw that the modern wonders of video editing and music selection would have not only taken away the pain of hearing my own voice, but would have made me look like a movie star. Each time I clicked play on one of those video, I felt the emotions come back to life. I was bummed that I didn’t have those same memories of our day recorded and masterfully edited.

Like this:

ALYSON + CHRIS - 09.24.11 from JayR Castillo on Vimeo.

And like this:

I wish that I had not been so stubborn about this particular aspect of wedding planning. I kept an open mind about everything and even preached this to my fellow wedding planning friends. But since I can’t go back and hire a videographer I just try to avoid feeling that pang of regret that comes from watching other wedding videos. Instead I’m focusing on our wedding album and creating a book that will help us recall the emotions of that day for years and years.

Tell me, do you have any wedding regrets? And visit me again real soon over at Follow the Wife


Justine said...

I very nearly made the same decision you did. The only reason why I changed my mind was that I worked for a wedding magazine at the time, and right before I got married I had to write about three articles on "why you need a videographer." Well, after that, I couldn't very well not get one, now could I?

We love our video, but I'm also the type of girl who will have no problem making her kids watch it ;)

If I did my wedding over, I would probably do different colors and flowers, but that's about it.

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} said...

I have to thank my husband for insisting we hire a videographer as I wasn't sold on it. I love our video & I'm thankful we have it. While there were a few details here & there I wish had been different, I really wouldn't want to change a thing about our wedding. It was perfect!

E said...

These videos are awesome... very creative. But dont regret. Your photos are amazing and you'll never forget the day!