Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Follow the Wife: “How’s Married Life?”

Hi all! Follow the Bride is back, only now I am a wife! Aimee asked me to do a little guest posting while she settled in with her new baby and I cannot wait to catch up with you!

I last left you with some wedding recap action, so we can skip over that and get right to the good stuff. Since May, I’ve been asked approximately 6,789 times how married life is. My answer: The same, but with a lot more paper work. (Name changes, bank accounts, passports, health insurance, etc., etc. You get the idea.)

 What's different about being married? We had a good reason to go to Hawaii.

I can’t really complain because I am guilty of asking many newlyweds that question as well. So I got to thinking and realized that there are actually many different things about married life. Don’t fret, my pretties. I think you will enjoy them.

I have a new name. Becoming an official Mrs. was actually pretty painless—a short wait in town hall, a quick form and small fee. All this followed by a much-anticipated walk down the aisle and an expensive party. Boom. Attaching my new name to that title took a bit more work. (You can read my guide to changing your name here.) I never thought twice about changing my name, but when the operator at the DMV handed me my new license I felt a little pang of sadness for what I was giving up. It took some time, but I finally don’t look at my name printed somewhere and wonder, (out loud sometimes,) “who is that?” I love having the same name as my husband and I try to use my new credit card as often as possible so I can sign that name all over town (just kidding, not really.)

I have another family to visit on holidays. This is both a fun and hard part of being married. I loved sharing our first married Christmas together—we started new traditions that I’m sure our kids will enjoy in seasons to come. But that also meant letting go of some of my old traditions. It was a little sad to not spent Christmas Eve with my parents and brother, but I felt like one of the family at my husband’s aunt’s Secret Santa. And I have the wacky gifts to prove it!

I am always thinking about my husband. I consider him in each decision I make—even when it is about ordering another beer at happy hour. Last Friday I met my old roommates for a drink in New York before taking the train home. After our second round, I said goodbye. I knew if I left then I would get home in time to enjoy the rest of the evening with my husband. And when I am blogging (or Pinteresting) when my husband gets home after me, I close my laptop to spend that time with him instead. These are only little things, but before we were living together and married, I didn’t ever have to think of them. Single Libby usually stayed out for one more round!

I’m sure I could find other things that are different about marriage. Married ladies, I bet you could, too! Do you notice any difference in your life now that you are hitched? 
I’ll be back again next Tuesday, but you can check in with me at Follow the Wife till then!

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