Thursday, September 8, 2011

Business Logo: P3, Lisa’s Perfectly Pink Platoon

I had the chance to work on a very very special logo this past week.  Lisa is a previous client that has come to us for both a business logo for her own business, as well as, a personal custom monogram.  When she came to us for a new logo, we were more than willing to lend our hand!

See, Lisa is currently battling Triple Negative cancer.  It is not a well known cancer in that doctors don’t know what causes it.  She has courageously put together a team to race in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on September 25th, 2011 and really wanted to create a unifying symbol for her very own personal warriors that will be racing with her, in body and in spirit.

With the help of my superstar illustrator friend, we came up with this for Lisa!


Lisa had some very specific ideas of the elements that she wanted to see incorporated into this logo and we were happy to oblige.  Nothing like a little warrior glam, huh?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lisa and her family.  While we won’t be there with you on race date, physically, please know that we will most definitely be with you in spirit!

How can you help?

Join the Susan G Komen, S.F. RACE as a P3 Team sleep-in Member! That's right! You can make an Impact and help created one of the Largest walking teams in San Francisco on Sept 25th, 2011 by signing up today ($35), from wherever you are, around the world, and be part of the FIGHT! It will make a difference in someones life, make you feel good and we will even send you a t-shirt as you sleep-in on RACE DAY! BE IN IT, TO END IT! Join today!

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