Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Finds: Circus Finds

So I mentioned some time ago that I was working on the planning of my daughters 5th birthday party in October.  While most of the items I will probably create on my own, Etsy is going to be a wonderful resource for me as well.  While my goal is a kid’s birthday party, I could totally see some of these translating into a circus or carnival themed wedding or soiree.

Overall, this is the look I’m shooting for….

CIRCUS ACT TRIO set of 3 Large Gourmet Pinwheels

There are so many ways I could go about this really….but here are some things that I’m thinking are going to be a must for this party!

Carnival Birthday Party Bunting / Playroom Banner -- red, yellow, blue, green, orange fabric flags

Blue Moon Studios


Circus Clown Photobooth Props on a Stick - Set of Eleven  V.2

Little Retreats


Reserved for mellyalice



Vintage Style Popcorn Bags

Sweet Shop Lulu


Party Plates: Red Candy Stripes

Sweet Shop Lulu

I’m having lots of fun planning this for the little munchkin…Its not very often that I get to flex my party planning skills!  Now if I can just keep her interested in this theme until October….

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