Friday, July 15, 2011

No Place Like Home: Buy My House…Seriously

In light of my recent news that we are expecting bambino #2, we had to make a tough decision.  Our initial plans with our current abode were to stay put until we had a chance to complete all of the little things that were nagging us, both inside and out.

After discussing things with our realtor, we decided that NOW would be the best time to list our house on the market.  The interest rates are still relatively low which means we can find more potential buyers.  I was sold.  Later that same day, I found out I was pregnant so it was a blessing in disguise!

But then began the looooong list of things to be done in the house {and out}.  We opted to list the house the day we left for our 12 day east coast excursion, since no one would be in the house for that amount of time, cluttering it up and making a mess.  And truthfully with all of the work we did, the vacation was that much sweeter.

Here is what our list looked like:

  1. Landscape “rock garden” in backyard to make it usable outdoor living space
  2. Replace crumbling brick planter box in front
  3. Paint all interiors of closets {5 to be exact}
  4. Touch up ceiling paint in every room
  5. Paint trim in full bath
  6. Tidy up entire yard
  7. Clean out the garage {this was a doozy}
  8. Deep clean every room, including trim, baseboards, floors, windows, etc.
  9. Switch direction of master bedroom furniture
  10. Touch up walls
  11. Hang new non-personalized artwork
  12. DECLUTTER every square inch of space
  13. Reposition outdoor furniture
  14. Paint garage floor
  15. Clean up laundry area
  16. Empty all closets and move stuff to storage or donate

Of everything on this list, the ONLY thing that didn’t get completed was painting the garage floor.  After much debate, we realized it was too big a task for us to take on alone and it wasn’t cheap to hire someone.  So we made the decision to leave it alone and let the next homeowners worry about it.

I won’t show every detail of the things we accomplished but here is the definite highlight….

Before…an unsightly useless mess that nagged at us since we moved in…



And after…..a cozy outdoor living space

after 1after2after3

While we certainly can’t take the credit for physically making this happen, we hired a skilled professional, we certainly are glad that we spent the money on this task.  It was well worth it for us and hopefully potential homebuyers will see it as beneficial space for them too!

So the house is officially listed…we’ve had 3 showings and a possible offer coming our way.  I’m trying not to get too excited about it but I’ll take something over nothing at this point.  Now that we have a reason to move, I want out!  So buy my house…seriously…

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