Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making Room for Baby

Sooooo lots has been going on here at Creative Montage but the most exciting thing is that we are having a baby!  My first little munchkin will be 5 years old in October so we are thrilled to have the pitter patter of little baby feet running around here again.  That said…so much has to be done before my due date {which is at the end of January}.

Since I haven’t had any applicants for a new Follow the Bride, I’ll reserve Tuesdays for all things babies and kiddos.  Not only will I talk about the on-goings of our little winter arrival, but I’ll also start sharing some fun bambino things that we have worked on for our clients.  I’ll also share some of the things that I’ll be working on for the big 5 year old circus themed birthday bash that I’m planning for October.

Oh and of course you know that I’m already mentally planning the birth announcements and other fun things for baby #2 so I’ll be sharing some of those things along the way too.

Have any fun kid/baby inspirations that you want to share?  We’d love to hear it…so leave us a comment!

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