Monday, June 6, 2011

Follow the Bride: Wedding Day Emotions

I was so calm on my wedding day. It was so much fun to have my close friends together that morning, each of us getting pampered with beauty treatments and enjoying breakfast and conversation.

I felt so relaxed and not a bit nervous about the rest of the day. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was a little nervous, but not for the same reasons as most brides. I was afraid I’d feel sick and tired all day. Let me back up a little. On Wednesday night, Keith and I went to bed with stomach aches. “We’re just over tired,” I said. A few hours later I woke up with full blown stomach flu. It was bad and even involved two fainting spells! Keith was sick, too, but his symptoms were less severe. I spent Thursday on the couch, alternating between crying, “why me” and dozing off during "Minority Report" on TBS. My mom and dad finished my last minute errands. By Friday I was doing better, but my appetite was not back. My stomach ache returned at dinner and kept me awake most of the night. I woke up thrilled that I was getting married, but really nervous I was going to feel tired and sick all day. And I REALLY wanted to enjoy our champagne toast!

I did enjoy a full glass of champagne in the limo right after the ceremony. I think because I had enough adrenaline after what was by far the best part of the entire wedding day. I remember standing on the altar, holding Keith’s hand, thinking that this is my favorite part of the day. It didn’t matter what came next, this was the best part. I remember seeing the sun shine through the stained glass windows and thinking then that we were truly blessed and extremely happy.

I felt like I was on a cloud the rest of the afternoon! We had so much fun riding back from the church and taking group portraits.

When we arrived at the Lawn Club we were ushered into a private bridal suite set up with a full bar and snacks. The room had dark wood paneled walls lined with art deco-like sconces. A big fireplace surrounded by blue arm chairs was the centerpiece of the room and I was so glad to sit down in one and take the weight of my dress off my back. We all poured ourselves a drink and began posing for pictures. We were having a ball at the one part of the day that wasn’t on the “official” schedule.

And these are two of my favorite photos of the entire day

Isn't there a saying that it's not a full day unless you laugh and cry. Well who ever said that must have been thinking of their wedding day because everyone involved feels a whole heap of emotions all at once—and it really feels good!


Mom said...

Happy one month anniversary!!! :)

Alyson said...

Your wedding was one of the best days of my life too! I got to see my best friend get married! Happy one month! Live youuuu

Elizabeth said...

Very sweet... and so glad you were feeling better!

ann @ wedding favors said...

Perhaps, I will feel nervous and at the same time excited while walking down the aisle. Of course, the day that you are waiting for has finally arrived. I think this is only normal to those who are getting married.