Friday, May 13, 2011

No Place Like Home: The Laundry Room, Part 1

This location in our current house, pains me.  Currently we live in a 1950’s side split level house, with no basement, just a crawl space.  So the “laundry room” has always been in the garage.  That’s not where we decided to put it, but since there is no other space in this house to relocate it to {unless we remove some of the only linen closet storage we have in our bathroom}, it is what it is.  Its dark, dingy and scary.  And let’s be honest…its IN OUR GARAGE!  This was a source of contention when we attempted to sell our house.  Most buyers complained that they didn’t want to trek down to the garage to do laundry.  But maybe if the space was nicer than this…….???

2011-05-03 14.59.43

Now, to be fair, we tried to make it somewhat more of a “room” in our garage so that we didn’t feel like we had to fold laundry on top of our cars.  BUT what we neglected to pay attention to was that most of the interior of the space just had too much plumbing, electrical, water heater and HVAC nonsense to really make it presentable looking.  So only 1.5 of the walls can actually be sheetrocked. But it does have a door….does that make any difference?  No?  Ok…moving on then….

But my friends….that is all going to change…Here are the things that have been grabbing my attention.


Since we have nice, new, front loading machines, we will be stacking them to maximize the small new room that will be built alongside the existing space.  I would like to include at least one hanging bar on the side of the machines, since we don’t currently have a place to air dry anything or hang things up to prevent wrinkles.



There isn’t currently a place for us to fold laundry in le dungeon, so counter space will be a must down there.  It doesn’t need to be huge but just sufficient enough to fold things and carry them back upstairs.  I also think its going to be necessary to have a place for ironing board storage since currently it just hangs out with the rest of our garage-like tools, like shovels and brooms.  Classy.



The newly built space will enclose an exterior door.  I think it might be kind of nice to make the space double as a small mudroom with a place for coats, shoes, etc.  Cabinet storage above the folding area would be great to have in the space since we will have to give up the storage pedestals that we currently have for our machines, in order to stack them.



Since we will not have any windows in the space which would really help in the dungeon department, color is going to be key.  I know that I want to do something bright and cheery down there because let’s face it….color makes people happy even when they are doing grunt housework!



And while our floor won’t be quite as stellar, we do have plans to repaint our icky looking garage floor to give it a nicer appearance inside the laundry area and the rest of the garage too.  This part will actually have to be done first for obvious reasons…the thought of having to clear out the garage for that to happen, though, gives me a migraine.

It’s a tall order….vents and hoses will have to be relocated and who the heck wants to be stuck down there long enough to do anything at all!

Ok I’m ready to start on this project NOW!!!  Hope my husband is reading this….I hate dropping subtle hints…I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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