Friday, April 8, 2011

No Place Like Home: The Kitchen, Part 1

Every so often, I am going to swap out my Friday Finds for this new series.  You might be wondering what this has to do with stationery or weddings BUT hear me out…its two fold…

My typical client is a soon to be bride {or groom} planning for the biggest moment in their lives together.  But what happens after the wedding?  Typically couples embark on a journey of eventually buying their first home together.  For some that moment happens before the wedding, but for others it happens in a more traditional way.  Sooooo I thought it would be nice to share some home inspiration for those that are in that process of home ownership or about to be in that process.

Two years ago, my husband and I attempted to build a new home and sell our current home at the same time….in the dead of winter….with an active 3 year old home with me all day long.  It was a disaster as we felt really rushed to purchase the newly built home BEFORE we sold our current home and we just didn’t have the right amount of time to plan what we wanted things to look like inside the home because it was such a fast decision.

Lessons learned:

Sell your current home BEFORE you even look for another home to buy or build.  We felt so rushed to buy the new house because we were pushed by our agent…bad move.

  1. Arm yourself with TONS of inspiration before jumping into the selection of fixtures, paint, cabinets, etc….The deadlines are sometimes really tight and I spent many sleepless nights stressing about my chocies.
  2. Be patient. It’s a looooong annoying process to ready your home to sell it (especially if the economy is as horrible as it is…)

So I have been steadily collecting images of rooms that I like.  First up is the kitchen inspiration….





{you will have to forgive me as I haven’t kept track of WHERE these images came from…if they are yours or you know where they came from…please shoot me an email!}

Things I love about these kitchens:

  1. Dark wood floors
  2. White cabinets
  3. A few glass front cabinets
  4. Some vintage elements to add warmth
  5. Interesting light fixtures
  6. Overall neutral palette
  7. Large island {we have a large island now and I know we can’t live without one in our next house!}

So what do you think of a mostly white kitchen?  Dated looking?  Passing trend?  Too white?

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Elizabeth said...

I love these. I've been searching for home inspiration, too. I can't wait to move into a house of our own. Thanks for adding this series.