Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Follow the Bride: A Seriously Easy DIY Project

I love seeing a wedding homespun charm, but when it comes to my own wedding I thought it was best to leave the spinning to the professionals. I don’t have the time, or the talent, for a crafts project. But I was inspired by this photo I found on the internet a few weeks ago:

Picture from Style Me Pretty

Because we decided to sit at a head table with our families, rather than alone at a sweetheart table, I really wanted to add something fun to our chairs. Plus, I thought it would make a cute picture. My first thought when I saw this photo was, “That looks easy," and it was. Here are the easy-peasy steps I followed.

What you need:
6-inch wooden letters from your local craft store
7 pieces of ribbon in your wedding colors, about a yard long each
Primer, paint and paint brushes

1. Clean your letters—mine had a sticky residue from the price tag—and spread them out on newspaper.

2. Paint each letter with a coat of primer and let it dry for about an hour. Then apply two coats of white paint, allowing each to dry in between.* Let the letters dry overnight.

3. Cut your ribbon into pieces about a yard long. It’s best to use a little extra, you can always trim the ends later.

4. Loop the ribbon through the top of each letter and tie it in a knot. Tie a bow on the other end of the ribbon around the top of the chair. Repeat with the rest of the letters. They all don’t have to hang straight or the same length. A little variety makes it more appealing to the eye.

*Have a handy husband-to-be? Enlist his help painting and you can skip steps 1&2! Keith did a great job on our letters, don’t you think?


Anonymous said...

Can i have letters that read MOB!!!

E said...

This is adorable. I loooove it!!! Looove the homemade touch!

grace @ wedding favors said...

I love love the idea, it's so cool! :)It's cute and I might just try it too. :D