Friday, April 29, 2011

Follow the Bride: The Royal Wedding is Here!

Happy Royal Wedding Day! Who woke up to watch the big event? I set my alarm for 5:15 am but was wide awake at 5:00 so I snuggled into a comfy bathrobe and scrambled over to the couch to tune in. Lucky for me, Prince William and Prince Harry made their first appearance at 5:10. I watched the rest of the High Royals and the Middleton’s parade to Westminster Abbey and I’m not ashamed to admit, I got goosebumps. I love the excitement at the start of a wedding, and even though I wasn’t wearing a fancy hat and sitting alongside Posh Spice, I was feeling the Royal Wedding Frenzy!

I didn’t spend much time speculating about Kate’s dress, but I’m happy to say I was right! She looked stunning and sophisticated with long sleeves and a regal collar. The lace overlay was gorgeous. I really hope that we start to see more brides in long sleeve gowns.

As for her bouquet, I’ll admit I was not smitten with her tiny arrangement. The cost of the Royal Wedding flowers was close to $300,000! If she wanted a cascading bouquet, she’d have had one. I’m curious why Kate opted to carry something so small. I know bouquet trends are on the cusp of a change, so is this what we’ll see next? Did anyone love her bouquet?

As for the attendants, Kate and Will had a pretty traditional wedding party. And by traditional, I mean the traditions of us common folk. Matt Lauer explained it was somewhat of a break in Royal tradition for Will to have a Best Man. I’m glad to see that some parts of the Royal Wedding are modern.

What I really loved was the not so modern tradition of the Maid of Honor, Kate’s sister, wearing white. I learned that bridesmaids used to wear matching white dresses, identical to the bride, so the evil spirits would not know who was getting married. There was no mistaking who the bride was today, but I still love the symbolism of that tradition.

Also in white were Kate’s “bridesmaids”. A 3-year-old is a fluffy white dress is what I like to call a flower girl. But this is the Royal Wedding and if they want to call the flower girls, bridesmaids, far be it from me to object. Here’s my point. I picked out almost identical dresses for my 2-year-old “bridesmaids”! I always knew I had Royal taste!

I watched most of the ceremony and then had to get ready for work. I didn’t get to watch the kiss on the balcony, but I’m sure I’ll be able to catch up on what’s happening between meetings and assignments today.

Did anyone else wake up to watch the Royal Wedding? What are your thoughts on Kate’s dress? Her flowers? And her troop of tiny bridesmaids?


Alyson said...

loved her dress, though not sure i would pick it for myself...

And her earrings were just smashing (and as my mom likes to say, a complete replica of the ones i'm going to wear on my royal day)

*Michelle said...

Hope you have lots of coffee on hand to make it through your friday after getting up so early! :)

I think she looks so regal and yes not completely froo froo. Love it.
(quick thought: I'm pretty sure the bridesmaids wearing a dress that matched the brides is a much older tradition than the white wedding dress that didn't become a staple until the turn of the century.)