Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Follow the Bride: Planning Our Ceremony

Last weekend Keith and I drove to Boston to meet with Jim, the priest who’s going to marry us. Jim is a college friend of my dad and he actually married my parents and baptized my brother and I. I might have mentioned this before, but we’re also getting married at the same church Keith’s parents were married in. Making the ceremony personal was very important to both Keith and I, so I’m glad we are able to bring this history to our wedding day.

Our historic ceremony location is also very beautiful!
Beyond the Lens Photography

Jim helped us personalize our service even more. He suggested including everyone who is participating in the ceremony in the procession. At first I wasn’t sure. I was hung up on the traditional wedding procession where the father gives the bride away to the groom who’s waiting at the front of the church. But then I really started to think about it and I didn’t like the symbolism of a traditional wedding procession. I don’t want to be transferred from my father to my husband, but rather have our families come together. We decided that Keith will processes into the church with his mother, the bridesmaids will come in with the groomsmen and I’ll walk down the aisle with my mother and father. To us, this procession symbolizes our journey as a couple, and includes all of the people who helped us get to this day. I’m really glad Keith will walk down the aisle, too. I never liked how the groom just sort of appeared at the altar. He’s important, too, ya know!

I’m even more excited about our ceremony now and I’m glad that we were given the opportunity to put some thought into it. I’m sure someone will say, “Oh, the groomsmen are walking down the aisle. I think that’s weird.” But I’m ok with that.

Tell me brides, how did you personalize your wedding ceremony?


Elizabeth said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I never really liked the 'father giving the daughter' away thing either -- it's like you were being passed from owner to owner... which I guess back back in the day, that is kind of what it was like. Ugh.

The church looks amazing! Can't wait!

Unknown said...

Your church is beautiful! Don't worry about anyone else- as long as you & your fiance love it, it's all good!! Everything sounds lovely. Best wishes~

Unknown said...

Oscar and I found a justice of the peace that we really like, but we are still doing a lot of Jewish traditions. Typically in Jewish weddings the bride and groom are each walked down the aisle by their parents, and that was one tradition my mom was super adamant about keeping! I like that you're doing the procession in a way that holds the most meaning to you both.