Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bridal Party Party

Instead of a traditional bachelorette party, my bridesmaids planned a beautiful afternoon wine tasting in Connecticut. This state isn’t necessarily known for its vineyards, but it does have some quaint spots that form the CT Wine Trail.

Our lovely day began around 10:30 when everyone arrived at my apartment. I was in my bathrobe when the girls knocked on my door, so I quickly finished getting ready while everyone snacked on bagels and muffins. At 11:00 a limo pulled up in front of my house. As we piled in, I noticed an adorable tote bag on the seat and complimented my friend on her choice of carriers. After an odd pause, I looked again and noticed that the tote was monogrammed with my new initials! (I haven’t gotten used to seeing them.) The tote was stuffed with lingerie each bridesmaid had picked out, a silky robe to wear on the wedding day and a few other exciting gifts I got to open along the way.

We stopped at several vineyards and tried all of the fine vintages the state has to offer. For you wine buffs, our favorite was the Stone Table Red at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington. Maura, a white drinker, loved the 2007 Chardonnay from Salt Water Farm Vineyard in Stonington. (These two vineyards were my favorite! Salt Water Farm is one place I considered having our reception. It’s an old airplane hangar that’s been turned into a winery, and it’s located on a salt marsh! It was cloudy when we were there, but it’s got some really excellent views.)
Don't you think these vineyards (Saltwater Farm above, Jonathan Edwards below) are beautiful? I'm not that talented a photographer, though. These photos are courtesy of facebook!

In between one of the stops, Erin surprised me with a batch of chocolate covered strawberries. These were not your run-of–the-mill strawberries, these berries were decorated like the bridal party. The guys had on tuxedos, the girls were wearing navy blue bridesmaid dresses and there were two tiny little flower girls dressed in white. Erin even included details like bows, necklaces and a headpiece for the bride! She should go into business!

After an excellent afternoon we made our way back to my house to change for dinner. We had a late reservation at Barcelona, my favorite tapas restaurant in New Haven. It was loud and crowded that night, but I had such a great time chatting with my best girlfriends. Three of my bridesmaids are from college and two are friends from high school, so I’m really glad they got to know each other better. I think it will make the wedding day that much more fun for them. And how can I not be happy to see all my favorite people getting along!

Tell me about your bachelorette party. Did you do something wild and crazy? Or did you plan something more low-key, like a spa day?


Unknown said...

How exciting! Your big day must be SO close!! Those decorated strawberries are beyond adorable &, yes, your friend should go into business.

Elizabeth said...

2 and a half weeks to go!

Anonymous said...

The strawberries are AMAZING! LOVE THEM! What a thoughtful and creative idea. She should go into business. Can I get her to make some for my events :-o