Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Finds: Plum Pretty Sugar

What’s not to love about this shop?  If you are looking for some fancy pants lingerie for your honeymoon {or your getting ready photos on your big day}{oh or your boudoir shoot}, then look no further ladies!  Take a peek…

Tunic Dress/Top. Beckoning Creatures.

Cami Dress.  Ankle Length.  Habutai Silk.

Kimono Style Robe.  Knee Length.  Silk Road Sweet.

Cami Dress.   Ankle Length.  Beckoning Creatures.

Oooh la la…so pretty….anyways have a great weekend!  We are expecting snow this weekend. Yes.  Snow.  It was just 80 degrees the other day, I’m not kidding.  Oh well…such is life!

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