Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Follow the Bride: Something Old

My good friend Clare is getting married two weeks after me. Her shower was last weekend so we all made our way to Rockaway, NY, for the festivities. Clare was a stunning and gracious bride. She was so enthusiastic about each gift she opened—even a set of measuring spoons.

Here she is explaining how she lost the teaspoon and has been winging it ever since.

Clare opened one gift from her two sister-in-laws. It was an antique cake server that matched her grandmother’s silver pattern. The story goes like this: When Clare’s brother got married, his fiancĂ© asked for a family heirloom to incorporate into the day. Not having any wedding-worthy family antiques on hand, Clare’s mom turned to Ebay where she found the server. It was used at two of Clare’s brother’s weddings and last weekend was handed down to her. The wedding dates and names of each couple are engraved on it.

I really melted when I heard that story. I love sentimental items, but this one takes the cake—literally. I love how the cake server that was bought online became a family heirloom that will continue to be passed down.

My cake knife is brand new, but I do have something old. I’m going to carry the lace handkerchief that my mother and grandmother carried down the aisle. When we talked about how I wanted my bouquet wrapped, our florist suggested pinning the hankie around the stems. It will be one less thing you have to hold, she said.

What about you? What family heirlooms will you incorporate into your wedding?

And here's a shot of the happy couple.
Visit their wedding blog www.billandclare.com.

I promise you'll fall in love with Clare.

P.S. May weddings are not the only thing Clare and I have in common. She’s a fellow blogger, and a pretty good one, too. Read about her wedding planning adventures at www.billandclare.com

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