Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow the Bride: Bridal Shower Recap

Last weekend was my bridal shower! It was a beautiful Italian-themed party (because we got engaged in Florence) held at my high school’s newly built student art gallery. My bridesmaids, mom and god mother went all out for this event: There were pretty bowls of olives on the table, homemade cheese bread (a family recipe) and cocktail napkins that read, “Cent ‘anni” an Italian toast that means 100 years. The biggest surprise of the day was the beautiful Bellini bar, staffed with bartenders (two of my oldest family friends). We ate antipasti, chicken picata and salmon, and were treated with Italian cookies, cannolis and pizzelles for dessert.

It was exciting to have so many people come in my honor. Just before we opened presents I felt a little bit like a kid at the best birthday party ever. Obviously, opening presents was exciting for me, but a lot of people complain that this is the worst part of a shower. I was conscious of this and tried to keep an even pace—one that showed I was appreciative, but not too slow. Luckily, I had some pretty experienced bridesmaids. I actually think a few have gotten present-handling tips from Santa’s elves.

I received lots of gifts for entertaining—something I love to do. I can’t wait to mix up a batch of cranberry martinis in my new Mikasa Cheers martini pitcher or serve cheese and crackers on my new slate cheese board. I liked it because you can write the name of each cheese in chalk. I also got some great gifts that weren’t on my registry, like a beautiful blue silk wrap dress for the honeymoon, a silver serving dish from Mariposa engraved with the words, “Cent ‘anni” and a hanger that says “Mrs. Basile” for my wedding gown. Each guest was also asked to bring their favorite bottle of wine to help stock our bar. They wrote messages on their bottle so Keith and I will think of them when we drink it. The last gift I opened was from my bridesmaids. It was a 36-bottle wine fridge with two compartments—one for red wine and one for white. They had already gone above and beyond helping to plan the shower and some even traveling from New York to attend, so I was really shocked that they gave such an impressive gift.

It’s time to start writing thank you notes, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank everyone enough! I had such a great day and was blown away by all the love and affection I was showered with! Thank you everyone.