Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Follow the Bride: Photo Booth Do’s and Don’ts

It's snowing again. It certainly doesn’t feel like wedding season is around the corner, but we’ll be pulling out our special occasion wear before we know it. That means the opportunities for us to embarrass ourselves in the photo booth are aplenty. Keith and I didn’t order one for our wedding, but we’ve been in front of the lens at several of our friend’s weddings and the results are mixed—there are some images I'd like to burn. Brides, bridesmaids and guests, before you head to a wedding remember these tips for creating a photo memory you won’t mind seeing posted on Facebook.
DO: Get in Line Early.
Sure, photo booth shots are funny when there’s alcohol involved. But you don’t want to be the one getting laughed at. Have your fun as soon as the photographer opens the booth, usually right after dinner, to avoid a wait-when-did-I-do-that moment.
DON'T: Act Un-Lady Like.
If you’re at a wedding, odds are you’re wearing a dress and unless it’s a Black Tie affair, your hemline probably hits somewhere above your knee. So keep your legs closed, girlfiend. This may seem like strange advice, but take it from me. I learned the hard way. (See evidence below.)
There is a less flattering shot of this trick. YIKES! (photo booth by Carla Ten Eyck)

DO: Make Use of the Props.
Most photographers have a bag-o-tricks that include feather boas, goofy sunglasses and bushy mustaches. Mustaches are funny! What more can I say?

P.S. If you’re a bride, think of a few unique props to add to your photo booth. Our photographer suggested giant lollipops. I’ve also seen conversation bubble chalkboards for guests to write messages on and empty picture frames. You can also make your props match your theme. Having an oceanside wedding? Place swim goggles, inner tubes and plastic lobsters in beach pails next to the booth.
Order these awesome chalkboard speech bubbles at Photojojo.com
There really are no rules when it comes to photo booths. Have fun and make a few memories the bride and groom will laugh at for years to come. But seriously, try to remember that you're wearing a dress before you try any cheerleading stunts!


Elizabeth said...

I love the air guitar photos of you guys! Its perfect.

Susan said...

Very funny Libby, and some great advice.

Margaret Ivory - Ivory Pearl Bridal said...

Tom Sellack...what more can you say??? ok back to the blog..great info...funny shot...

carla ten eyck said...

Hey Libby! Yikes I hope that images was not from our blog!! I agree with your advice 100% on your do's and don'ts for the photobooth, you guys would be SHOCKED at what we don't post...!

Elizabeth said...

Those images came from the bride. I was tagged in them on Facebook.

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