Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Follow the Bride: Wedding Dreams

I’ve been having anxiety dreams about the wedding. In one, I’m walking down the aisle and none of the guests have even arrived. When I get to the altar, the groom’s not Keith! I convince my dad that I don’t want to do it, tell him I’ll only get a divorce and marry Keith later. Then I sob the entire way back down the aisle because I feel terrible that my parents have just paid for a wedding I canceled.

In another, it’s our wedding day and I’m at the reception hall getting ready. Everything is going great, till I realize I haven’t finished planning. I start scrambling to pick out music, select readings and find some helpful guests to read them.

Last night, Keith had a dream about our wedding. He had a sweet, sleepy look on his face when he told me, and I thought for a moment how great it was that at least one of us was able to relax. But then he got to the part where he went to comb his hair right before the ceremony and got arrested. (Isn’t that what happened to Uncle Jessie?)

The real anxiety hasn’t set in yet, but it has already hit our subconscious. I guess this is a sign that we should chill out.

Are we alone? Does anyone else have anxiety dreams about their wedding?

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reub-envision said...

well as I have never been married
I have never had bad dreams about it...
but I have had terrible ones
leading up to:
first day at a new job
making a presentation
a road trip
so I am sure they are quite common in brides
I did though, once have a dream;
I was getting married & all my guests & attendants were in wacky costumes (while strange not very bad/scary)

hope the dreams pass
relax & try to laugh them off