Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Follow the Bride: Dress My Groom

Keith is officially on the hunt for the perfect suit for him and his groomsmen. Practicality is one of Keith's strongest traits, so a rental tux was out of the question. He wanted to find a reasonably priced suit that he and his friends can wear again.
So this weekend he pulled his brother (and best man) away from football long enough to make a quick trip to Joseph A. Bank. Ladies, if you've ever shopped here, or flipped through the catalog, you know this store GIVES clothes away. There's a Buy-One-Suit-Get-15-Suits-Free sale, every month. The store is Keith's practicality paradise. On top of that, Joseph A. Bank recently introduced a new Tailored Fit that we all agreed would make the guys look more formal and less like they were headed to the office.
After a brief visit to the fitting rooms, Keith narrowed his choice down to two options: A Tailored Fit in navy blue or gray.
Both suits looked great and Keith liked them both. The question now is which color will look the best with the bridesmaid dresses?

WToo Style 883
My future sister-in-law and I hit the web to find some images of bridal parties in blue and gray and here's what we came up with:

Dark Suits...

Light Suits?

Which do you like best? Share your opinions in the comment section!


Sue said...

The navy looks great. But then again charcoal gray is classic. What color ties??

Elizabeth said...

Good question! The flowers will be peach/pink/ivory. Maybe ties to match??

Sue said...

I am not a fan of pink and peach ties. But ivory/gold will look good with navy blue suits AND navy ties will look good with charcoal suits!

Anonymous said...

I think the gray. The blue dress and Navy suit might be too much blue!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the dark colored suit best!