Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Place an Order

So with the launch of our NEW WEBSITE, I felt the need to post this now just so I can have things ready to rock n' roll!

This might seem like a silly post but I wanted to make sure that if customers had questions about ordering on our new website, that they had a place to go to get a step by step instructional!

{To see the images larger, click on them.  They will open in a new window for you....}

To get started, hover over the "BOUTIQUE" link on the left hand side

 From there, click on the category that you wish to browse/purchase from

Click on the icon to view details about that item

Click the "ADD TO CART" button

To review the item in your cart and add elements to your package, click on the "SHOPPING CART" button on the left

Once in the shopping cart, use the drop down box to select the item that you are interested.  Items are broken down by size so make sure you scroll through all of the options to find the item you are interested in

Adjust the quantity of the item

When you have adjusted the quantity, click on the "ADD ANOTHER OPTION" link on the right.  This will allow you to select other options from the dropdown box to complete your order.  Everything is listed separately, so make sure you if you want invites with response cards that you add both of those items to your cart.  Don't forget about envelopes and other add ons like pocketfolds and ribbon!

When you have completed adding items to your order, click on the "NEXT" button towards the bottom of the cart and follow the instructions!  You can note the specifics of your order in the "SPECIAL NOTES" section of your order, but we will still send you an email asking for the details and specifics!

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