Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Follow the Bride: Fives Months To Go!

We’re down to the final five months. The half way mark is behind us and all that lies ahead is the long cold winter. (32 degrees in New York today, BRRR!) I’ve got my long johns and my wedding binder and I’m ready to hunker down and complete these wedding plans. Right now my checklist of priorities looks a little something like this:

This poster is great. I think I need to own one.

-Calm down, everything will get done. It always does. This is always my mantra around deadline time in the office and it works. I’ve never missed a deadline.

-Get to it and make a decision on all the little details I’ve been pushing off. A guest book, favors, out-of-town guest bags…I just need to do it already.

-Order our wedding bands! We’re heading to the jeweler this weekend to start shopping.

-Meet with the priest. Last winter we took the F.O.C.U.S test, it’s like the Catholic Church’s version of a compatibility test. They ask questions about how you will handle finances and how you plan to raise your children. We’re meeting with the Deacon to go over our answers in January. (I hope we passed!)

-Finalize invitation design. They are in the processes of being created by my favorite designer at Creative Montage! I can’t wait to see the results.

-Book transportation. We’re still gathering quotes from vendors. The trolley I initially wanted was pretty expensive, but so far the price for a party bus is just as steep. Who knew?

-Check in with my boss to schedule vacation time for the honeymoon! Keith’s in charge of booking the honeymoon. I just asked him to tell me what days to take off.

-Make like Cheryl Burke and learn a few moves for our first dance, second dance, third dance, fourth dance…. Keith gave me dancing lessons for Christmas last year. It’s finally time to cash them in.

So, what did your five month check list look like? Was there anything that you stressed about at this point?

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E said...

I can't wait to hear how the dance lessons go... soooo cool! Have fun!!! And I love the motto: Stay calm... ahhhh sooo easy to say and hard to do.