Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Follow the Bride: Wedding Day Beauty Tips from the Pros

This weekend I went for my hair and makeup trial with the talented stylists at Dana Bartone in Cheshire, CT. I am lucky enough to have scooped up two of the most talented people—Amy for makeup and Catie for hair—before they were booked for the year. (Catie told me she did 50 weddings this summer!) I not only walked away with a beautiful wedding day look, but I picked up a few beauty tips to get my skin and hair in tip-top shape for the big day (or any day really) and had to share them with you.

This masterpiece was created by Catie for a photo shoot with Carla Teneyck

-Trim your hair regularly. I’ve read this advice in a few bridal magazines and Catie confirmed that if your hair isn’t neatly trimmed for the wedding, ends will look sloppy and frizzy. She suggest that I trim my hair twice between now and May, getting my last cut about a month before the wedding.

- Adding highlights to your hair will make the texture really stand out. My hair won’t be slicked back, so the curls and texture Catie creates will be more visible when there is a little contrast. I’m not sure if I’ll add any color to my hair for the big day, but if I choose to, four months before the wedding is when to do it. That way there will be enough time to fix anything I don’t like.

-Exfoliate, and not with that apricot scrub. If you haven’t heard already, that stuff is like rubbing sand paper on your face. Amy said it’s made from ground up peach pits and has harsh jagged edges that will leave scars. It’s not suitable for anything but your feet. She recommended this non-abrasive version from Aveda that you swab on with a cotton ball.

-And don’t forget the rest of your skin care regiment. Amy told me to moisturize a lot. (She’s a huge fan of Bare Essentials skin care line, Rare Minerals and MD Formulations for special skin conditions.) She also recommended getting monthly facials (hello Christmas Wish List).

One the day of:
Make sure your eyebrows are cleanly waxed.
Makeup particles will stick to your hair—and you’ll most likely be wearing more than you normally do on your wedding day. Those light hairs you don’t normally notice will be visible after foundation is applied. This includes your upper lip, too.

-Schedule your trial early. I went in about 5 months before my wedding and I’m glad I did. Amy and Catie gave me so much skin care and hair homework and I’m glad I have plenty of time to practice their advice. Even if I’m not up to investing in monthly facials and hair highlights, I can start taking better care of my skin and hair. (Umm, I haven’t had a trim since June!!) These women have kicked me into shape.

...And how about a sneak peek at my wedding day look? Scroll down to check it out.

What do you think?

We forgot to snap a photo after Amy applied the lipstick, but it's better to leave a little something to the imagination.

Tell me about your wedding day look? What's the best beauty tip you've picked up from a stylist?

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