Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Follow the Bride: Steal This Idea

Last weekend Keith and I attended a wedding and I have to share a sweet idea I saw at the reception. The bride placed small note cards and pens around the table and asked everyone to write a note for them to read on their wedding night, first anniversary, tenth anniversary, etc. I mentioned earlier, how my friend asked guests to place notes into empty wine bottles that they would break open and read on important anniversaries. I loved the idea then, and I loved it when I saw it again this weekend. Reading new notes from our friends and family at each major anniversary will allow us to share new and different memories. But waiting so long to read them seems hard.

Readers, what creative ideas have you seen at a wedding recently? Spot any great DIY projects? Share your ideas below.

1 comment:

amandachristine said...

totally love this idea! just might have to steal it :)