Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Follow the Bride: Bridal Fitness

Figure skating is one way I can get some exercise this winter!

At the moment, I don’t have a bridal fitness plan. In fact, my life is somewhat void of physical activity. I’ve always been an active person: I swam, ran and danced practically my whole life. When I lived in New York City, I walked several blocks to and from the subway every day. I hiked five flights of stairs, often more than once a day, to get to my apartment. I lugged my laundry and groceries around, too. I pretty much walked everywhere I went, in additional to occasionally jogging along the East River before or after work. Since I moved, I get a ride to the train every day and I only have to climb 7 steps to get to my apartment. My natural fitness routine had been slowed down, but now more than ever is the time I want to be in my best shape. I want to tone up my arms so they look good carrying a bouquet (I hear bridal bouquets are heavy. I may need some extra strength) and I want to keep my waist and hips slim. I don’t want to lose weight, but back in April I was measured for my wedding dress. I’d really like it to fit.

The easy answer is for me to get in gear, but my long commute has me leaving the house at 6:30 a.m. and returning at 7:30 p.m. Once home, we make dinner, clean up and get ready for the next day. A trip to the gym just seems like it doesn’t fit. And our weekend plans seem to be no less busy—traveling almost three weekends out of the month sometimes. I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat healthier. I bring my own lunch every day, and I skip past (ok slump past) the delicious toasty New York bagel delis that flank my office building and opt instead for a yogurt or whole wheat toast every morning. I know I’ve got to add some exercise to my routine, but I just don’t know when or what.

Readers, this week I need your advice. Share your exercise plans and lend me some advice on staying in shape for my big day.


Elizabeth said...

After I posted this, I went and ate a bagel!

Elizabeth said...

haha! Good comment. The first thing I was going to say is "Don't give up the bagels!" hahaha!

What about getting a Wii fit. I'm not sure how much exercise you get from it, but I have sure worked up a sweat during a game of Dance Dance Revolution!

Or you could raid Jenny's collection of at-home work-out DVDs. haha!

Ooor maybe just start walking from Grand Central to the office...

Orrrrr ride a bike to run errands.

(Note: All of the above are things I attempt and rarely do!)

Or there is another one you can do at home... in your room actually ;-) ;-)

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