Thursday, November 11, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

Last month, I helped my mom and step-mom throw a baby shower for my younger sister, Kari.  (We showed you the sneak peek of her invites, here.)

Its not often that I get to work on baby goods so this was so much fun to do!  I knew that we had to do a dessert buffet in the fun colors of the baby's nursery, so I spent MONTHS looking for things to use on the dessert table.  Amy Atlas I am not, but I had so much fun perusing the web for some goods to use!  And I learned a VERY important lesson...sometimes you have to let go of the image that you in your head of how things should one was disappointed by the dessert display, even though it wasn't perfect!

All photographs by Krystin Talbot

 Custom printed cupcake wrappers and cute little cupcake flags made with Japanese Washi Tape

Goody bags with custom printed stickers made for a lovely way for guests to take treats home with them

A custom printed banner for the dessert buffet

Custom printed advice cards for the Mommy-To-Be which will be made into a keepsake book for the soon to be parents

Candy jar filled with vegan candies and more adorable cupcake flags
(This photo was taken by me)

I learned some valuable lessons for this event...most importantly, start early and start gathering things that you are going to need.  I started this whole thing with a sketch of what I wanted to the table to look like, so even though there were definite variations from what my initial goal was, I at least had a map to work with and was able to adjust as needed.

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Elizabeth said...

What are you talking about! That display is perfect!!!!! I love the cake plates!