Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bella Figura Sample Sale

Hi lovelies!  Just wanted to pass this information along to you...I just {heart} good causes so this makes me happy to pass along, plus, I love the good folks over at Bella Figura so anything to help them get the word out!

Sample Sale to Benefit American Forests (October 12 – October 19)

"During our sample sale (10/12/10 – 10/19/10), all samples are only $1! 100% of your sample costs will be donated to American Forests – for every sample you buy, we’ll have American Forests plant a tree. (Get busy shopping in our invitation gallery now!)

To help the environment and make this sale possible, we’ve made a few changes to our samples during this sale:

Samples will arrive via US Mail (first class) and will not be packaged in our keepsake box. (Please note: Because we’re using US Mail, we won’t be able to track your sample order once it leaves our shop.)

Because it’s a 100% donation, the sample cost won’t be refunded if you place your order from us, but we thank you for supporting the world with your order!

Formed in 1875, American Forests has since planted well over 25 million trees throughout the United States and worldwide. (Go trees!) The trees that American Forests plants are native species only. They plant both seedlings and saplings, never seeds. These trees help create cleaner air, cleaner water, sequester carbon, and provide wildlife refuge. Over its lifetime, each new tree planted will absorb roughly 740 pounds of carbon dioxide."

If you're interested, head on over to Bella Figura and don't forget to check out the designs created by Creative Montage!

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