Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Follow the Bride: The Shortest, Happiest Day of Your Life

This couple makes their grand exit. I bet their wedding day went by in the blink of an eye.

If you’re newly engaged, you’ve probably heard this before: “Your wedding day goes by so fast!” I’ve been engaged for over nine months and I’ve lost count of how many times people have said that to me. Friends who have already married share their disbelief at how quickly the day passes, vendors advise us to enjoy the planning stage because it will be over before we know it, even waitresses at restaurants share their thoughts on the pace of a wedding day.

I believe every word these people say. I really do. But I’d just like everyone to stop reminding me that the day I’ve dreamed about since I unwrapped Wedding Day Barbie and Ken isn’t going to last very long.

Do any other brides hear this as much as I do? And what’s your response? I always end up smiling and saying something like, “That’s what they tell me.” What other comments about your engagement or wedding day annoy you?

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