Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Follow the Bride: Perfecting Your Posture

I work for a dance magazine, so day in and day out I’m surrounded by dancers who sit up straight and always keep their shoulders back. Thanks to almost 15 years of ballet lessons, I feel like I can hold my own in a room full of graceful women. But throw in a few professional ballerinas and suddenly I feel like the big old Rat King. At an industry event last spring my ballerina-like presence was put to the test when my co-worker, Jenny, spotted the tallest girl in the room. She was Maria Kowroski, a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet. The party we were attending was small and we eventually made our way over to where she was standing. The party’s host introduced us right away and lifted his camera for a shot. I immediately regretted leaving my heels in the office. We turned to the camera and Maria glanced down at us—easily noticing the height difference. She made a quick attempt to stoop down, but quickly adjusted her posture. “I never slouch,” she said. So I stood on my toes.

Standing next to a professional ballerina made me straighten my posture. Look at how hard I'm trying to be tall!
Jenny (on the left) is our Fashion Editor. She says Jeggings are in this fall.

Recently, I started thinking Maria’s words were something that every bride should hear. On your wedding day all eyes will be on you. Stand tall and keep your shoulders back as you walk down the aisle, pose for pictures and mingle with your guests at cocktail hour. (Hopefully you have enough time to make it there.) Carry yourself with the grace and confidence of a ballerina and your guests will surely take notice.

Maria Kowroski stands tall and her confidence really shows!


Anonymous said...

This is such a fabbbbullllous topic! I see a lot of pictures from weddings where the bride's shoulders are slumped. I always think (critical I know, but...), "STAND UP DAMN IT! IT'S YOUR BLOODY WEDDING DAY!"

You'll be as tall as Maria!

Hi jenny! Cute pic guys!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very true.. it's always nice to have great posture but especially on your wedding day! :) Thanks!