Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Follow the Bride: Would You Switch Wedding Dates With Another Bride?

Last week I got an interesting phone call from the coordinator at my wedding site. She explained she needed a favor and apologized immediately for the unexpected nature of the phone call. Huh? She then began telling me about a bride who had booked May 21, not knowing it was the same day as Yale’s graduation. What do I have to do with this? Well, my wedding day is a much more desirable date for the May 21 bride since 90 percent of her guests would be coming from out of town. No hotels in the area will let her set up a room block that weekend since they know they can jack up the prices and rent the spaces to college parents and families. The favor needed from me was switching wedding days!

The coordinator apologized again and acknowledged the awkwardness of the conversation. She’s never had to make this request before. This was a last ditch effort since none of the remaining days would work for the bride and she didn’t want to wait till 2012. As strange a request as it was, I understand why the coordinator called: She’ll be losing a customer if she can’t secure her another date this spring. I wasn’t offended that I was asked such an odd question and was actually pretty impressed at the lengths the coordinator was willing to go to for her client. It’s nice to know that I can expect the same treatment throughout my wedding planning. The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that when I booked my wedding six months ago, the very first question I asked was, “When is Yale’s graduation?” Planning, and watching my friends plan their weddings, has taught me so many lessons and May 21 bride just taught me a doozy. Always do your homework!

My family will be coming from Boston, not to mention, I was planning to stay in a hotel the night before the wedding, so I can’t swap dates. But Keith wants to consider vacating the day we already reserved because May 21 bride has offered to contribute to our balance. Readers, what would you do in this situation? Would you give up your wedding date for another bride?


Unknown said...

I say, if the date holds no significance to you, and you won't lose any money changing the date, go for it! You are still early in the planning so nothing has been sent out to notify your guests of a date yet!

E said...

Good question. If it doesn't affect your guests, why not? Maybe see if the coordinator can offer you any other incentive to do so?

I believe in karma, so compromising the day could win you big points in life.

Unless it's the date you want, then, well you DID your homework, you deserve it if you want it.

Unknown said...

It's your wedding day if you want it! I might consider it if I could find another date that wouldn't affect my guests or vendors. I'd hate to think my wedding guests would pay more for a hotel because of a graduation or that I might lose my photographer because he's booked. Lots to think about before committing!

Elizabeth said...

This just in: Another May bride canceled her wedding and May 21 bride was able to move into that date. I guess I'm off the hook!