Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Follow the Bride: Engagement Shoot Advice

Keith and I just booked our engagement shoot. We’re meeting up with the lovely and talented Cynthia Brown in early September at an old movie theater in New Canaan, CT. Cynthia says this theater’s got plenty of vintage charm—from the plush red velvet seats and carpeting to the ticket booth and neon marquee out front. Keith and I are ready for some popcorn and a good old fashioned date night, but now I’m a little nervous about standing in front of the camera. Wedding blogs are always posting their favorite engagement photos and the couples always look so natural, casual and in love. I know that Cynthia will take some blog-worthy shots, but I’m afraid I’ll get a little clumsy when the lens is turned on me. I asked some of my close friends for their advice on preparing for our engagement shoot. Here’s what they had to say.

Krista Photography
It's true, Erin and Steve always look this happy.

Erin: “We didn’t really pose, our photographer had us talk or walk and just shot away. When she thought that there was a cool background she would ask us to look at the camera, but it was very laid back. I think just being comfortable is the main point.”

Carla Ten Eyck
A big congratulations to Melissa and Mike who are ending their engagement with the wedding celebration of a lifetime this Saturday!

Melissa: “All I can say is be yourself. Don’t force anything and really just trust that your photographer will capture you only in your best. Carla definitely directed us a bit, but to be honest there were a lot of times that we were just laughing, talking, walking, or gesturing to each other and she caught the moment. Those were my favorite pictures.”

Kain's Photography
Katie and Jonathan make Times Square look so peaceful! How do they do it?

Katie: “Crack jokes, keep it light and have fun! You don't want to look scared or serious in these shots!”

Carroll Anne: “The photographer will direct you on how to pose, but we didn't do much posing. We were just hanging out and he took many candid shots.”

On Style:

Katie: “It was important for us to look casual and like we were wearing clothes that we would wear any day of the week. I wore jeans and a navy blue sweater with pearls. Jonathan wore a blazer with dark jeans and a shirt. We were comfortable and relaxed!”

Melissa: “Don’t be too trendy and don’t try a new style. Wear something that you feel comfortable in and you know you won’t constantly be fidgeting with. Also, don’t wear too much jewelry. You already have the best accessory—your ring!!! You’ll want that to sparkle in all the pictures!”

Carla Ten Eyck
Thanks for the style advice Melissa, but those pin stripes are one trend I'm not ready to try out! (Sorry Keith.)

Thanks for the great advice. Readers, do you have any tips for us? What was your engagement session like? What did you wear and how did you act? How did you use the images once they came back from the photographer? Keith and I are thinking of making an engagement album that will double as the guest book at our wedding.

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