Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Follow the Bride: World's Greatest Dad

In May, I introduced you to the lovely mother of the bride. Now, it’s time to meet dear old dad. He took some time between Celtics games this week to sit down for a one-on-one interview. Here’s what my old man had to say:

Here's dad showing off his short name.

Please tell the readers your name? James Philip, I was named after my father J. Philip and I go by Jay. Your mother was thrilled to find a guy with such a short name—only seven letters—so she could stop singing her 13 letter last name. I like to say she married me for my name, not my money.
What’s your age? I’m 59, going on 55. I teach four classes of high school freshmen and they keep me young.
Tell us about your hometown? I was born in Lawrence, MA, and have lived there my whole life.
What do you do for a living? I’m an English teacher at Austin Prep in Reading, MA, the same high school I graduated from. This year I celebrated my 25th year of teaching.
You English teachers read a lot. What is your favorite book? The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, followed closely by The Great Gatsby.
What is your favorite sports team? I’d have to say the Red Sox, because I like baseball.
So what do you think about your future son-in-law being a Yankees fan? He’s entitled to his opinion and I wish him well. I think the Yankees are a fine team with a splendid tradition. I just don’t like them.
Go Red Sox!
What is the most memorable moment from your wedding? The first dance with my new bride. It was a beautiful moment.
What song did you dance to? We danced to Elvis, "Fools Rush In". We picked it out because we both liked Elvis and we both liked that song. And as they say on The Dick Clarke Show, it was easy to dance to and you could understand the words.
What’s your favorite memory of mom from your wedding day? When she appeared in the doorway of the church and how beautiful she looked coming down the aisle with her father and her new white dress.
Not every groom-to-be asks the bride’s father for his blessing, but Keith did. Are you glad? I was very impressed that he understood the importance of your father in your life and he acknowledged that by asking for my blessing. I think it was a sign of his maturity and his sense of humility. I did the same thing and I hope your grandfather thought the same of me.
Well, what did you say? I said, “That’s great! Absolutely, you’re a great guy and I think you have a great girl.”
Are you nervous to walk me down the aisle? No. There’s enough of a showman in me to want everyone to look at us together—for a minute—and then they’ll look at you.
What’s your ideal Father of the Bride attire? I’d like to pick a suit that I can wear again, and again, and again—unlike the dress you’ll be wearing. How about a navy blue or gray one?
What song would you like to dance to for our father/daughter dance? I don’t know music well enough to pick out a song. I’m going to dance to the one you think is the best for us.
If you could invite any celebrity (dead or alive) to join us at the wedding, who would you pick? Mark Twain, so he could tell everyone stories.
What items should I add to our gift registry that Keith will use and enjoy throughout our marriage? A blender for mixing all kinds of good things, like shakes and floats and margaritas. He also needs a Bose radio so that you can have the Red Sox—or Yankees—game playing in the background on a Saturday afternoon. And he needs a cordless drill. That will be the most practical tool because he can use it to hang curtains for you, to put pictures on the wall for your or to take things apart and put them back together for you.
I like that idea. Thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

Hanging out in our hometown, Lawrence, MA.


Elizabeth said...

This is very cute! I like Mr Dowd.

Karen said...

Can't wait for this wedding!

Patricia said...

Libby, I was your mother's best friend in high school and this brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you! Trudy would be proud!

Bette said...

Both your parents seem like great people. Who's Trudy?

Elizabeth said...

@Bette, Trudy is my grandmother.
@ Patricia, Thanks for reading. Trudy would have loved it. But probably choked when she found out how much everything cost!