Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow the Bride: Wedding Recap and Flower Girl Fun

Thanks for the help picking a dress for Friday night. The votes were close, but in the end I went with dress #1 and was very happy I did. The wedding was outside so the lightweight material kept me cool. It was also perfect for the dance floor.
The couple decided to incorporate the story of how they met into the ceremony and hearing this was touching. I love seeing how couples make their wedding unique. It inspires me to be more creative when it comes to my plans. Some other exciting details were the martini bar (I tried the raspberry cosmopolitan) and the make-your-own-sundae bar at dessert (even though I dripped mint chocolate chip down the front of my dress).
Enjoying a pre-ceremony cocktail with my future sister, Mollie. She’s the mother of my twin flower girls. Does she look like she recently had twins? I don’t think so!
In addition to the wedding, Keith and I spent some quality time with our flower girls—Daphne and Lily—who were visiting from St. Louis. Daphne and Lily are the best looking identical twins I’ve ever seen and are the charming children of Keith’s older brother, Derek. We celebrated their first birthday last weekend, which means they’ll be about two years old for our wedding. They are already walking, but are still learning how to talk. Right now their language is limited to the most adorable coo’s and ahh’s. I’ll check back in with the twins once they can verbalize their excitement for being Uncle Keith’s flower girls and share some video with you. Till then, enjoy this candid shot of them lounging by the beach in Old Saybrook, CT. Aren’t they the cutest?
Does anyone else have flower girls in their wedding party? Are you having them scatter petals down the aisle or carry flowers? What do you think two-year-old twins would prefer?