Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Follow the Bride: A Derby Delight

Last weekend Keith and I made our way to Louisville for the annual Run for the Roses. It was raining and our tickets were for the infield so we spent the day crouched under a tarp near the finish line. I had a great view of the races, but the poncho and rain boots I had to wear were a far stretch from the sundress and Derby hat I was hoping to don. “Next year I’ll come back with a fancy hat and sip my mint julep under the grandstand,” I thought wistfully.

Back to reality: I won’t be sitting in Churchill Downs next year because Derby Day 2011 is our wedding day! This amazing coincidence got me thinking that maybe I should bring a little Kentucky Derby charm to our wedding. Before I even boarded the plane to Louisville, I was smitten with everything Derby from the hats (and all the fancy boxes they are toted around in) to the frosty silver julep cups garnished with fresh mint. I even love the men in suspenders and seersucker. Yes, I think this is exactly what Connecticut needs!

I’m still playing around with the idea. I don’t want it to be too theme-y and I don’t want my guests or wedding party to look like they are in costume. But I think a small nod to the derby and all it’s southern charm will make for an elegant affair—as long as the musicians don’t sound the bugle when I make my way down the aisle!


Elizabeth said...

I love this idea...

I'm all about themes personally... But even just a touch, one that some might not even notice, would be just lovely!

And it's something you guys did together. (It was both your first time there?) It will be a tip of the hat to your early days together.

Elizabeth said...

It was m first time to the Derby, but Keith's third. I think we'll go back again. Perhaps for our 1 year anniversary.