Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Follow the Bride: Meet the Bride and Groom

In all the excitement of writing my first post, I forgot the important background details about the bride and groom. So let’s start again.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I’m getting married in May 2011. I live in New York City’s Upper East Side, right near Central Park. When I’m not browsing the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings for the newest trends I work as a magazine editor. So far wedding planning and all the research that goes into making our special day, well, special takes up a lot of my time. But I still find a few hours to do the things I love, like reading (I’m currently into Gone With the Wind. Isn’t Scarlett O’Hara something else?), cooking (I made macaroni and cheese cupcakes last week. Thank you Giada!) and rooting for the Red Sox (I grew in suburb of Boston).

My lovely groom-to-be is Keith. He lives in New Haven, CT, and works in IT. He’s got a bazillion computers at his house and if he’s not working on one of them he can either be found watching the Yankees or out golfing. He also travels a lot for work. You’ve already heard about his big trip to Italy. Well, from there he flew to India for two weeks. He’s also traveled to Mexico, France, Prague and Argentina. Right now he’s working in Nevada, pretty close to Lake Tahoe. Hey Keith, can you book your next training in Aruba so I can tag along?!

Since Keith and I live in different states, we really only see each other on the weekends. Lately we’vead pretty busy schedules but have still found plenty of down time to watch movies (I always fall asleep) and try out new restaurants (Our favorite will always be Frank Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven).

Now that it’s starting to get nice out we are looking forward to spending some time outside—at the Connecticut shoreline or a ball game. The summer also means it’s the start of wedding season! We’ve got a full roster of nuptials to attend this year and are so excited to celebrate with our friends. All that partying will really get us excited for our own wedding!

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