Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 17

Well we are nearly three months away from our big day but suddenly, being married crept a whole lot closer. In the end of April Matt and I will officially be married according to the laws of our province in City Hall by some guy named Kevin. Probably. Meaning, it might be Kevin or it might be Nancy. Kevin doesn't know how to program his TV to record a show, but he might be marrying us. Haha! I love it!

It's strange, but we had no idea how to legally be married. Who is supposed to? Most people get married in a church or by a religious officiant so it's all taken care of. If you're not going down that road, than it takes some digging around to figure it out.

I'm sure every province is different but for any of you looking to marry in Ontario, Canada you have to apply for a marriage license, book an appointment (the last friday of every month) to have your civil ceremony, than finally apply for the marriage certificate. Depending on who might be in that particular day dictates which one of those city employees will marry you. You meet them about a week before and they show you the space, tell you what to expect and how many guests you can have. A week later you're married! Eight weeks after that you may apply for your marriage certificate and start changing your health card, your drivers license and other ID other than your birth certificate.

Tada! Romantic eh?

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