Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready to start your own business?

We are asked often, what are best piece of advice is, for those eager to jump into starting a small business.  Truth is, I learn something new every single day so that means that new advice may crop up.  Here is something that has taken me a while to deal with, and I thought it important enough to share with those of you considering taking the plunge into small business ownership.

Let's talk about pride.

Pride is a funny thing.  It can generate anger, panic, jealousy, hurt and a whole other range of feelings and emotion that you may or may not be comfortable dealing with.  Problem is, when you own your business, these are things you have to deal with a LOT.  Someone steals your ideas and that makes you mad and makes you panic- that's pride.  A vendor or other professional doesn't return your call or email and it hurts your feelings- that's pride.  A competitor gets a ton of press and you get nothing and it makes you feel inferior- that's pride.  A customer is really unhappy with your product or service and it makes you resentful- that's pride.

In a recent experience (I won't name which one), I was feeling very hurt and let down.  I spent DAYS dwelling on it.  It made me lose sleep.  It made me cranky.  And then I realized that instead of pouring that time and energy back into my business, I was doing the exact opposite.  It was taking me away from my business.  I could have spent that time doing something that I love!

Its really easy to get caught up in the drama of owning your own business.  As rewarding as it is, there are challenges everyday.  Hurdling over each obstacle is hard but its the only way you will grow as a business owner.  Letting go of pride will open a whole new world of opportunity to you.  Disappointment and hurt will happen in life but its what you take from those experiences that make you better.  Dwelling on past issues can really hurt your business.  It prevents you from moving onward and upward. So for your own sanity and growth of your new business, LET IT GO!  It does you no good to keep reliving the bad moments.  After all, the bad moments are only one in a few of excellent experiences!

*stepping off my soapbox now*

No Odds n' Ends Monday today....I have almost 500 posts to catch up on.  Why do I feel like a "mark all as read" is coming?

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