Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 18

The invitations are here! We've even put a bunch in the post!

My lovely friend Carly designed them for us. She spent loads of time listening to what we liked and what we didn't like. Our inspiration poster (which I pulled off of a school bulletin) was the direction we wanted to go but I'm sure it made it difficult for Carly to turn that into a wedding! Well she did a brilliant job and we sent them to be printed throughVista Print. They arrived within two-three days which was amazing considering we were told 7-10 business days originally.

Here's the inspiration....

And the final product!

(they've been smudged so we don't have any party crashers!)

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Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

WOW...i adore your invites....what a very creative idea....your friend did a great job!