Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 15

 Have you met my dress? It's short, it's sweet and it's not white.


Meet my dress!

When it came to my wedding dress I knew I needed something special. I've never pictured what my dress would be like, I just knew I wanted something that would make me feel pretty. I was so jealous of all those brides out there in the blogosphere who were brave enough to wear exactly what THEY wanted. I couldn't wrap my head around exactly how I'd manage to do it, but I knew I had to be brave and do the same. I had to choose a dress just for me. I scoured my favourite blogs and thought about the different places I might buy it. Everything on Ebay was too small and at the time there wasn't much on etsy.

When looking at wedding images I loved, I notice a pattern developing. All the brides wore simple dresses. No frills, no beading, no sparkle or embellishments. More often than not their dress was more cotton than silk. They always looked light, comfortable and down to earth. 

This is what I wanted. So when I was in England I went online and found the dress for me. I definitely had reservations about doing it, but I entered my credit card info after following the sizing chart provided and choosing the right one, and pressed checkout. It would arrive back in Canada before even I did. 

I was so nervous trying it on for the first time, hoping it would fit and that I hadn't thrown hundreds of dollars out the window. 

It lives at my mom's for the time being and whenever I go home I try it on with my gold sparkling heals. It makes me feel fun and girly and that's why I love it.


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Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute dress! Congrats on finding it :)