Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 13

Ahh, nothing like a DIY project to make a bride feel like she's accomplished something on her "WEDDING TO DO:" list. So we attacked that sewing project by starting with the bunting. I'll be posting a DIY tutorial on my blog once the project is complete, but here's a sneak peak!

At first, even with blogger tutorials, I had no idea what I was doing. Be prepared that this isn't an hour's worth of work, this is a take your time kinda deal. Line up some good films and call in a few favours or get your bridal party and put them to work.

Matt and I had some free time to kill so we put ourselves to work and cut out shapes in all of our fabric. We traveled to Fabricland to assess this double sided bias tape situation those tutorials were discussing only to find it was ridiculously expensive for us. I most definitely called in my Maid of Honour for that one. She told me she knew a thing about sewing so I couldn't wait for her to help me out. Although I love her dearly, I didn't believe in these supposed skills she kept mentioning.

Get this, she told me she could rip my fabric in a straight line. Not only that, she also promised me that she would rip me a piece of fabric to my desired width, which wasn't very big at all. I'd seen the ripping of the fabric done by professionals but I thought there had to be some sort of weird science to it.

I was amazed. One cut and a few rips and we were good to go. Erin had mad skills. I loved her for it! Apparently her mom has a good laugh at my amazement when she told her later that evening.

I had also tried to sew my shapes together but all I got was bunching and tangled threads. Miss Erin showed me the right way and I've never looked back!

It felt good to complete one section, put it up and admire. It finally came together and it felt right. That's what I envisioned. It was possible after all.

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