Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 12

For Christmas Matt bought me this and I decided my first sewing project ever would be something for the wedding.

I've never used one before but I figured it would be pretty easy. This way we wouldn't have to rely on friends borrowing their mothers sewing machine to help us put together various wedding projects. Now that I had my own I was enthralled with all the wedding projects I could come up with!

Sewing To Do:

- Bunting Flags
- Burlap Table Runners
- Smore Bags

Little did I know it's more than just pressing a button or pushing a pedal. Threading the upper thread is easy, the lower bobbin, possible. Getting them to work together is another story! Every time I try for about 20 minutes then give up and read the manual again. One day I'll get it.

So far we've cut out various shapes and sizes for the bunting. I attempted to sew them all together but FAILED horribly. I think sewing fabric works better when it's sewn TO something. My Maid of Honour is a genius and showed me how to rip fabric (even with skinny pieces!) so that it falls in a straight line. Now we have no need for that silly double bias tape those tutorials keep telling me about. So I can take my fabric and make it into fun bunting that looks something like these.



Wish me luck!

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