Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 10

We’re in the thick of wedding planning now. Almost smack dab in the middle. We’ve had time over the holidays to get a handle on things and some pretty big decisions have been made. It’s been a struggle remembering what we wanted to get out of this.

I really want my family and friends to come together to make this wedding happen. The idea of a community of people coming together to make one event so special and memorable is huge in my mind. Wedding planning is definitely a balancing act of pleasing people. I think I forget that this wedding is for Matt and I, not for anyone else.

I get frustrated sometimes because when I tell people about elements of the wedding I often get that sideways glance. You know, the one where you tell them "well, my dress isn't white, infact it's carmel" and their head cocks to the side and you carry on with "and my shoes are gold and sparkly". I feel like I can't convey to them the way this wedding is coming together and that, albeit non-traditional and rule breaking in many ways, hopefully they'll understand once it's all said and done.

Obviously, wedding planning can be all consuming at times so remember to take a break and do something fun and silly and less adult-like.

This weekend we went OUTDOORS *gasp* (I've been such a homebody lately/all winter) and went tobogganing. If you’re Canadian, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s our national winter sport, after hockey, after lacrosse. Tobogganing = awesome and I actually forgot how fun it can be. Basically, you get your crazy carpet (sled/toboggan) out of the closet, you wear silly clothing to keep you warm and dry (or at least make an attempt to) and after a hearty meal you head for the hill!

It was so fun to do something to enjoy ourselves again and release some steam. Get out there and do something fun - TOBOGGAN!

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The Bride's Butler said...

Great post! It's very important to take time out from planning to enjoy things with your partner that don't have anything to do with the wedding! :)