Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Follow the Bride- Episode 11

Enjoy the Little Things - Rule # 32

One of the things Matt and I both love to do is watch films. We were engaged in the Little Theatre in Bath, England so, as you can probably tell, it's a big part of our lives. Last night we watched Zombiland. What a great movie! I love Rule # 32 because I feel it's a pretty consistent rule you can apply to any situation. I'm sure some people even swear by it!

Rule # 32 has always been important to me and is even more important now that I'm getting married. In life, especially North America, there's a lot of hype to life. By remembering to enjoy the little things I feel more focused and happy. I was just talking about this with my Maid of Honour. We both lived in different countries in Europe last year and to us, it became a normal life. Neither us would ever take this experience for granted but occassionally it happened. The one thing I always remember doing was really taking in the view as I walked into town or walked around town. Every day I tried to remind myself of how freakin' cool it was for me to be living in another country, let alone in Bath!

Now it's that time in my life where I can apply this to wedding planning. I want to enjoy all the little things about being engaged. The excitement and butterflies in my tummy when I think about the ceremony, having fun while cutting out a million shapes and attempting to sew them together and never forgetting that I'll only ever be engaged and a fiancee once in my life (well, that's the plan!).

So while you're pulling out your hair or humming and hawing over colour palletes, don't forget Rule # 32.

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