Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Valentino!

I am head over heels in love with that Valentino gown. It is beyond stunning and moody in a way that is just so lovely. Anywho, I was really inspired to create a board using this dress as the inspiration. How lovely would this be for a winter wedding? I love the thought of using mostly a neutral palette with a teeny tiny hint of a cool color like this! And who says you have to where a white wedding dress?

Images sources: {Row 1: Valentino via The Peak of Chic, Joy Thigpen via The Ritzy Bee Blog} {Row 2: Etsy seller Rebecca3030, Lisa Warninger via Twigs & Honey,} {Row 3: Jose Villa, Jenny Yoo, Amy Atlas via Style Me Pretty


alissa said...

such a beautiful board! i ADORE that pale blue, so pretty and soft

Unknown said...

I love that blue attracted to that color yet I don't own anything in that color nor is anything in my house that color. Weird.

Blake said...

It's a very swedish look. I wish I had a second house so I could paint all the walls in those colors. :)