Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Palette- Part 3

I hope you guys are enjoying these inspiration boards I've been posting.  I'm definitely trying to make up for the looooong span in between inspiration boards!

I so love using pastel hues for the holidays...and this color combo is right up there as one of my favorites!

Image credits: {Row 1:  Country Living via This is Glamorous, Sweet Paul, Amanda Phillips Photography via The Knot}{Row 2:  Country Living, Leo Patrone Photography, The Knot}{Row 3:  Shy Siren, Renee Reedy Photography, Vue Photography}

Isn't this lovely?  I think it would be so refreshing to see this put into action for a holiday wedding!  I'm thinking lovely paperwhites in pretty green containers would make lovely centerpieces or accent decorations!


Abbie said...

Love this palette!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

that's beautiful! i love the dark green-blue